Turnovo is a sacred place for every Bulgarian and a source of delight to the foreign visitor.

Once he has seen it, he feels attracted to it no less than the local inhabitants. Because its charm is irresistible and its treasures – incalculable.

The town draws tourists and inspires artists and poets. Both have devoted works to it.

But the best is probably yet to appear, because Turnovo is growing more and more beautiful.

Archaeologists, historians, architects and economists take no lesser interest in it. Every stone in Turnovo recalls the past, full of profound meaning and wisdom.

Every period has left its imprint. Like the dendrologist, who figures out the age of a tree by the concentric circles in its stem, the traveller studies’therelics of Turnovo to glean into the history of this town which belongs both to the past and the future.

One needs but tour it from end to end to realize this, certain things trumble and die out, others are restored and new ones added.