Sveta Troitsa (Holy Trinty) convent

Патриаршески манастир

More or less opposite Preobrazhenski on the other side of the valley, the Sveta Troitsa (Holy Trinty) convent (daily dawn—dusk) sits on a narrow shelf of rock, at the end of a partially asphalted road which begins in Veliko Turnovo s Trapezitsa quarter.

The road is just about passable by car, although most people opt to walk a journey of about ninety minutes.

Founded as early as the eleventh century, Sveta Troitsa was a monastery rather than a nunnery during the Second Kingdom, when Patriarch Evtimii established a school of translators here. The convent’s delicate red-brick church (also built during the nineteenth century by Kolyo Ficheto) is difficult to get access to, b u t the charm ing, flower-bedecked courtyard overlooked by sheer cliffs, and the im pressive surroundings, make the trip w orthw hile.

To get to the convent, leave Veliko Turnovo on the Arbanasi road and take a left turn soon after passing the Church o f Sveti Dimitur. Ignore roads leading left towards Trapezitsa train station, but bear left after this, and carry straight on past several decaying factories.

Pay no heed to the m ulticoloured hiking waymarks w hich tem pt you uphill to the right.

You could also walk to Sveta Troitsa from Arbanasi, although you’ll probably need local know ledge and plenty of ti e to spare – markings are inadequate, and paths confusing.

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