Ilarion Makariopolski House Museum

къщата музей Иларион Макариополски

Ilarion Makariopolski House Museum, the native home of Ilarion Makariopolski, his brother Nikola Mihailovski and his son, great Bulgarian satirical poet Stoyan Mihailovski, the author of the lyrics of the anthem of the Slav enlighteners ‘March on, People Revived’.

The house is of high architectural value. It was built about 1710 – 1715 out of stone and wood and is of the type of the wealthy dwellings in Elena.

What draw the attention are the big eaves and verandas, the windows, the wood carved summer house, the spacious courtyard, the beautiful Hadzhihristov drinking fountain of 1754, moved into the courtyard during the regulation of the street.

In the courtyard there is a monument to Ilarion Makariopolski himself, a zealous functionary and leader of the struggles for a Bulgarian national church.

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