Remains of a Thracian fortress (on Kamuka Hill)

Пчелно място Горна Оряховица

Remains of a Thracian fortress (on Kamuka Hill) can be seen south of Rahovets.

The fortress wall is 350 m long, and in its centre there are remains of a Thracian sanctuarya 2 m square cut into the rock and 0.5 m deep.

Downwards follows a small cave.

An interesting phenomenon has been observed on the site of the Thracian sanctuary: during the summer, the overheated limestone causes a powerful upward air stream, which disperses the stormy and thunderous clouds sideways.

That is why when there is a hailstorm, it falls onto the northern slopes of Kamuka Hill, but not on the southeastern, where the vineyards were and where the settlement itself had been built.

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