The Ancient town “Nicopolis ad Istrum”

While in Turnovo, the visitor should see some important monuments in its vicinity.

The ruins of the once powerful Roman town of Nicopolis ad Istrum lie between the village of Nikyup and the Rossitsa River 18 km from Turnovo.

Никополис Ад Иструм

It wa a well-planned town, inhabited by war veterans, whom Emperor Trajan presented with fertile land in its outskirts.

In the course of time, it became an important trade centre of the Roman province of Moesia. The famous Roman monument Stulbat (the Pillar) rises not far from Nikyup.

It is a part of a Roman pillar, eleven metres high. Its origin has not been well clarified.

Никополис Ад Иструм

In all probability, there must have been a fortress at that place. The Belykovski Caves are also worth visiting.

They are seven kilometres away from Turnovo and are an interesting freak of nature. Not far from them is the big Preobrazhenski Monastery. Another monastery, Sveta Troitsa, stands right across the gorge, protected by the high cliffs.

Никополис Ад Иструм

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