The fortress Rahovets


Remains of medieval Rahovets (Ryahovets) can be seen 3.5 km west of the town.

The fortress had the form of a trapez and had been skillfully combined with the inaccessible rocks in the region.

There were three turrets on the fortress wall, and in the insidea premise for the sentries.

What is discernible from the fortification system of yore is part of its foundations. It can be reached after about an hour’s walk from the centre of the town.

Southwest of Rahovets, in the locality of St Petka, are St Petka drinking fountain and the Shepherds drinking fountain, starting from where was the water supply system of the fortress.

Not far from Rahovets, in the locality of Bahadar, there are remains of a medieval necropolis.

In the region there are traces of a settlement, which archaeologist Skorpii thought to have been Temnigrad.

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