St Nikola Church

Църквата Св. Никола

In the same courtyard is also St Nikola Church (of St Nicholas), the oldest one in the The Church of St Nicholas town.

It had existed in the early 16 century, and as legend has it, it had valuable church manuscripts (on parchment), but in 1800 it had been attacked and set on fire by the Kurdzhaliy Turkish brigands.

It was renovated in 1804 and, according to a legend the people worked in secret for 40 nights in a row, placing a coat of sooth on what they had newly built in the morning, in order to deceive the Turkish authorities that no fresh construction had been carried out.

The church is distinguished by superb acoustics.

The overall mural paintings in the church were the work of Hilendar mural painters David and Jakob from Bolertsi, and were accomplished in the period 1806-1813.

Mural painters from Elena – Yoan Popovich and Yordan Kmetski were believed to have also helped in the mural painting of the church.

These paintings are of exceptional artistic value. In 1966 the church was structurally reinforced, while the restoration of its remarkable mural paintings was ultimately completed at the end of 1986.

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