St Nikola Kapinovo Monastery

Капиновският манастир "Св. Николай Чудотворец"

St Nikola Kapinovo Monastery (of St Nicholas) is 18 km from Elena and about 20 km from Veliko Turnovo, in a picturesque forested locality, by The monastery was founded in 1272, under the reign of Tsar Konstantin Tih Assen.

Ever since its establishment the monastery has been a major religious and educational centre.

During the Turkish domination it had been repeatedly pillaged, destroyed and ravaged, but always revived to new life.

For a short time in 1794, its Father Superior had been the religious figure and outstanding Bulgarian man of letters Stoiko Vladislavov, the future Bishop Sofroniy Vrachanski (of Vratsa), who as early as 1768 paid a visit to the monastery and brought a copy of Paissiy’s ‘Slavonic Bulgarian History.

In 1854 the monastery gaverefuge and supplied with food the rebel detachment of Captain Grandfather Nikola, and in 1862 it received the insurgents from the detachment of Captain Hadzhi Stavri Koichev.

In 1872, on their way from Elena, Vassil Levski and Angel Kunchev dropped in here, while during the War of Liberation, a The Monastery Church of St Nicholas was rebuilt in 1835.

Dooms Day composition, painted in the narthex of the external church wall by mural painter Yoan Popovich in 1845, is one of the largest in Bulgarian monumental painting.

The present day monastery building housing the residential quarters draws the attention by the hanging out bay windows and spacious verandas steeped in verdure and facing the courtyard.

The two storeyed residential premises were built in 1856 with funds, provided by two donors, the Horozov Brothers from Elena.

The small Chapel of the Presentation of the Holy Virgin (1864) was inbuilt in the structure.

It is amazing by its exquisiteness and is completely covered by mural paintings. Impressive is like wise the central entrance (facing the river), with its remakable two winged studded door and a solid staircase, leading into the courtyard.

The monastery also offers sleeping accommodation. Kapinovo Waterfall is in the vicinities.

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